Intermediate Coupling G.Gun II

Every G.Gun has a Solenoid Valve CX and the M/P Time Break installed. Although they are both protected by the SV clamp from damage by other objects they stay vulnerable for break of electric jumpers connected to them.
Below few characteristics and advantages of our new equipment:

Identifying problem:

It is known fact that when the electric jumper breaks it is causing damage to the Solenoid Valve CX and the M/P Time Break coil connection pins . That makes them unusable and generating additional costs – significantly if guns are shallow.

Our solution:

After identifying a recurring problem, Seismotion R&D Division decided to confront our customer’s needs. Therefore we are proud to announce we have just patented our NEW “Intermediate Coupling”.
This small unit is created to take the damage usually generated to the coil connector pins by jumper cables and greatly extend life of costly Solenoid and Time Break coils.
By installing the IC unit our customers may expect a major reduction in maintenance time and up to 70{d9be89742c373cde62f84488e01dcd723ff5216539c1d7a629b1612ab9e879a4} reduction of costs regarding this problem.

nikos_drosakisIntermediate Coupling G.Gun II