What we do

We partner with our clients to achieve cost effective and highly innovative solutions that minimize the risks inherent in undertaking complex projects in the dynamic marine environment.

Every new concept starts with true imagination. A technical breakthrough can only be achieved if one is willing and daring to challenge all existing options, turning them upside down and looking at them from a different perspective. It challenges the ability to imagine the impossible; not asking „why?”, but rather „why not?”. It requires people with creative mind and a can-do attitude, who believe that „if you can dream it, you can do it”.

Our approach is to support clients already in the conceptual design stage, and offer services for project management, engineering and procurement up to and including installation and commissioning. We do not restrict ourselves to available technology; we develop new techniques and applications wherever necessary.


Seismotion was founded in 2010 by a team of world class scientists striving to create innovative methods for companies from gas & oil sector. Through the in-house know-how we develop new techniques and innovative solutions to meet the market’s ever changing needs. Every product is tailor-made and it has to pass set of rigorous tests, not only to meet, but to exceed our client expectations.


At Seismotion, our research is grounded in the rigorous pursuit of scientific excellence, and the conviction that the advancement of basic science can drive the discovery of innovative machinery for our clients. We truly believe that key to success lies in combining latest technology with many years of experience in exploration. Our dedicated researchers are focused on transforming existing equipment to improve its capabilities or performance. Consequently our product portfolio is expanding.


As science-driven and performance-focused company, we aim to make a difference. We provide consulting and service. Knowing that time is crucial factor in this industry we try to be fast responsive to our clients. Working closely with the companies using our products, we deliver solutions that are sensitive to their special needs.

nikos_drosakisWhat We Do