Who we are

Seismotion was founded in 2010 by a team of world class scientists striving to create innovative methods for companies from gas & oil sector. With unfortunate downturn in industry Seismotion became an important partner bringing solutions improving productivity with significant cost reduction.

Science and Innovation

At Seismotion, science drives success. We are committed to make difference in oil exploration industry. Rigorous science is at the core of everything we do to discover, develop and deliver equipment that will meet our client’s expectations.

Strong customer and supplier relationship

Since Seismotion’s early days, we have developed our systems in a cooperative network of partners (including suppliers, universities and research institutes). Many disciplines have to come together to make our equipment work, from mechanical and electrical engineering to highly advanced software controls. Seismotion focuses on its role as a tool architect and system integrator. We work with many of technology companies that supply components for our systems and often do substantial research and development work themselves. This model is our approach to 'Open Innovation’.

Open Innovation benefits everyone involved. It opens up fast access to leading-edge knowledge and skills in a wide range of technologies, provides the flexibility required for changing business needs and product requirements. It leads to affordable solutions in terms of development and cost.

Responsible business behaviour

Seismotion is committed to behave responsibly – it’s at the foundation of our company. This means doing business according to high ethical and professional standards. We seek to comply with the laws and regulations applicable in the countries and regions where we operate. We regularly review and amend our practices according to those regulations, as well as our highest standards to ensure that all of our interactions are conducted appropriately. We have a moral obligation to provide safe and healthy working conditions for our employees while minimizing our impact on the environment.

nikos_drosakisWho We Are