Dilt-Float Winch

Almost every seismic streamer vessel is using dilt-floats with fixed depth ropes at the front. So far that was considered as industry standard. However adjustable depth ropes at head of streamers would make significant difference. Therefore Seismotion decided to design a winch capable of changing streamer depth at Dilt-Float positon.
Below few characteristics and advantages of our new equipment:


  • <strong>fits every dilt-float</strong> used in industry
  • <strong>separate power pack</strong> - no attachment to streamer power required
  • <strong>remote controlled</strong> - one remote can operate on single or multi control mode
  • built in underwater <strong>camera with live feed</strong> directly to remote box

Advantages in seismic operation:

  • front end inspection with cameras without leaving the vessel
  • ability to clean streamers up to first section
  • ability to change units up to the front
  • possibility to dive front in case of bad weather to prevent surfacing streamers
  • option of rising front end in case of passing over shallow water areas
  • in case of fishing gear caught in separation rope easy to reach and remove
  • safer stacking streamer operation
  • ability to fine adjust outer streamer depth at the front in case of vane wash or surfing lead-in fairing
nikos_drosakisDilt-Float Winch